We carry a vast array of succulents and air plants along with some unique potting options, terrariums, and globes. 

Succulents come from all over the globe and are characterized by their fleshy roots, leaves or stems.  They are uniquely protected from drought by their ability to store water in these fleshy areas.  Many people are attracted to their unique shapes as they make wonderful house plants that don't require too much care or maintenance.  

It would help to study up on the variety that you purchase for more specific care and maintenance needs, however, they generally require good drainage and like to be watered, or sprayed no more then once a week.   We prefer to mix soil with sand, layered on top of river rock to keep the plants draining completely between watering.  Most succulents enjoy direct sunlight, however, they can become scorched if their location is to warm. 

Succulents, Cacti & Terrariums

If you are looking to add a bit of life to your home or office.  Rolling Greens offers a wide variety of potted succulents, terrariums and air plants that are a great addition to any home or d├ęcor.   They are the perfect gift for the hostess of your next engagement, or a house warming party.  consider surprising a co-worker with a personally put together arrangement for their home or office space.  Just come in, pick a pot, choose your plant and purchase your creation.  We also carry original art cards created by local artist Geri McArdle to make your gift even sweeter.

Come in and choose your succulent, or a variety there-of and we will be happy to pot them for you.  We have an array of ceramic and clay pots available for purchase or you can bring in one of your own for us to fill.  Succulent pricing varies on size and availability.  

Currently our succulents come in mini, small, medium and large ranging in price from 3 to 10 per plant.  We also have succulents in pre-arranged hanging planters and hanging glass terrariums.  

Our hanging globes can be filled with succulents or air plants, and our floral design team would be happy to create your live plant arrangement uniquely for you.

Proper care and maintenance